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Defaulted Student Loans – Special Loans Are Out There

If, however, a student who is expected to make monthly payment makes no payment at all for 6 or more months, then that student has a defaulting student loans.

Some Specifics Student Loans With Defaults

The above paragraph suggests that a 6 month period without payment puts any student loan in the category of student loans defaulter.

Suppose that one of those 6 months is February. The student’s loan goes into default if the payment is not made within a period of 180 days.

Suppose that a student normally makes his or her loan payments every other month. In that case, how long a period of nonpayment must pass before that loan would be in default?

When payments are made every other month, then failure of a student borrower to pay for 240 days would put the student’s loan in the file with the rest of the problem student loans.

What Happens When a Student Loan Goes into Default?

If a student cannot make the needed payments, and if his or her loan is labeled as one of the many student loans where some sort of default has occurred, that student does not need to fear an army of federal agents on his or her trail.

The lender of the loan must first use “due diligence.” The lender must seek to contact the borrower.

Once the lender has contacted the borrower, then the lender will determine how to proceed.

If the borrower does not appear willing to arrive at a new payment schedule, then the borrower usually gives the loan to either a guaranty agency or to the U.S. Department of Education.

Once the loan has been given to a guaranty agency, then the lender has the right to demand a lump payment on the loan.

Consequences When You Default On Your Student Laon

When a student loan goes into default, the credit rating of the borrower suffers. The IRS might seek to withhold tax money from the borrower.

Sometimes the borrower finds that his or her wages have been garnished, in order to cover the loan payments.

A student might be freed of those consequences if he or she were to become disabled. In that case, the loan would be removed from the file of defaulted loans. The loan would then be canceled.

If the student with a defaulted loan could show that the school had improperly certified his or her ability to pursue the school’s established training program, then the student could request cancellation of the loan.

If a school closed while a student with loan money was a student at that school, then again the student could request cancellation of the loan.

If a student has requested cancellation of a loan, and if that request has been granted, the student’s loan is then removed from the file of defaulted student loans.

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