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Does anyone have any comments on getting a Masters Degree in Psychology online?

I am debating on getting my Masters degree online but am unsure if it is really possible. I have looked into this some with the University of Phoenix but just want some more information.

Asked by:Lisa C

  • Bucket Woman posted: 30 Oct at 5:41 am

    my son Sherradon goes to university. he is doing very well. he lives with his friend Tarquinn and they make their own curtains.

  • twism posted: 01 Nov at 11:53 am

    you want to make sure the school is accredited. So that way if you want to go to a on campus school you may transfer your credits. As well if you can type in on yahoo higher education accreditation and it will give you the main body’s that do accreditation and then you can check the schools that way.
    good luck

  • cosmicgirl posted: 01 Nov at 1:52 pm

    I don’t think phoenix has it.
    Besides I cant imagine HOW anybody could be studying psychology online. I mean it’s a field of science about a human being. You need some specific classes/courses with real people – patients. At least this is what i did… but then again I was raised and university educated in Europe… and here in states you can get any kind of degree online. Honestly and without any disrespect to you but i wouldn’t even dare to compare an online degree to a real one. BUT if that’s enough for you – go for it.

  • Mazatli posted: 02 Nov at 9:55 am

    If you are wanting to use your psychology degree to do therapy I really believe that it is better to go to a school where there is face to face contact because a lot of what you learn is in the discussion, role plays and class exercises. Learning to do therapy is a lot more than learning facts from a book or series of readings. Teachers also model what it is to be a therapist. All of that is very important in developing a professional identity.

  • woogabearchild posted: 03 Nov at 7:02 pm

    You should look at getting a masters degree in business.

    ( )

    It is much more profitable

  • pooh8402 posted: 05 Nov at 5:06 am

    I wouldn’t recommend it. Part of getting a Master’s in Psych is the clinical work you do (actually working with people). Kinda hard to get recommendations from professors when you don’t have any, and it’s kinda hard to research and counsel people when you don’t see them.

  • Mr. PhD posted: 05 Nov at 3:11 pm

    UoP is a joke among the on-line colleges. There are much better choices. Go to. They have a great forum who can better answer this question.

    A psych degree requires a lot of face to face interaction that you can’t get at an on-line university. I would go the brick and mortar route.

  • Schris posted: 06 Nov at 2:04 pm

    I would recommend going to the school for a Master’s degree in Psychology. The reason is Psychology is a very intense field and I believe classroom work would be better. I also had a professor who was a School Psychologist and she stated that it is best to go to school instead of online for the field of Psychology (plus it will look better on resumes/applications).

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