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Has anyone had any experience with Walden University? I’m contemplating pursuing an online masters degree?

I’ve heard some negative things about online degrees. Mainly, that employers don’t take them seriously. Is there any truth to that? Walden is an accredited university.

Asked by:Secular Solutionist

  • (: posted: 07 Jul at 3:36 pm

    i agree. i wouldn’t take it as seriously if i was business owner looking to hire someone. but if its just one of those things where you feel like its your only option for higher education, then go for it. something is better than nothing. but if you have a chance of going to a four year instead of just doing this all online, i would do that instead.

  • Capt Janeway posted: 08 Jul at 2:44 am

    There are by now thousands of students that have graduated by studying online and have gone on to graduate studies such as medicine, law and the list goes on.

    The demand for courses online is huge because of the convenience it offers so many who may otherwise not have been able to complete a degree or go on to graduate studies.

    Those few employers who do not accept or value degrees online I would not be interested in working for because they are behind the times. Online degrees or in the past called correspondence courses have been around for much longer than most people know. Most universities offer at least some online classes from undergraduate to graduate courses, while others allow the completion of an entire degree online. These are all colleges/universities that are regionally accredited and know that if they did not offer online courses, hundreds of students would go elsewhere.

    The oldest college that has been offering complete degrees online is Excelsior College which was established by the Regents of the University of the State of New York in 1972 and has since graduated tens of thousands of students who have continued on to professional degrees in the most prestigious of graduate schools such as Yale and others. So clearly an online degree is worthy of the best graduate schools. How can a mere employer with often minimal and traditional education set higher standards than Yale?

    I cannot speak for Walden, since I am an Excelsior graduate, but you should have no problem with your degree earned online. Anyone that baulks at it, you do not want to work for anyway.

    I have a BS completed online and am continuing with engineering and law currently, not one employer has been bothered by the online completion, and my current employer is even paying for my current online engineering degree.

    Many large employers such as Honeywell ( and there is a list of companies in the same league) who have no problems with online degrees and even pay fees for each completed subject. Let others get with the times, just like the rest of the world.

    I trust that you will find the best place for completing your graduate degree online.

    Hope this helps.

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