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Marine Student Loan forgiveness?( if you’ve already graduated school)?

I see that the Army and Navy have a student loan forgiveness program(up to 65,000), how about the Marines?…one link BUT has tons of info. Just register it’s free.

Asked by:playant01

  • JMC4RP posted: 17 Sep at 7:00 am

    can you give a link to the information to the student loan forgiveness program?? i really need it! Thanks.

  • mrsjvb posted: 18 Sep at 6:21 pm

    it is not the military that offers this, is the the lender. most of not all federal student loans have a clause that other forgives loans entirely or defers them for at least the first 4 years of military service.

    the Military offers loan REPAYMENT programs to enlisted personnel only.

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