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Nextstudent’s Student Loan Consolidation Program Helps Lower Payments As Much As 60%

NextStudent’s Student Loan Consolidation Program Helps Lower Payments as Much as 60%

Monthly student loan payments can be lowered as much as 60 percent with federal student loan consolidation. When coupled with aggressive benefits and incentives, student loan borrowers can receive a rate as low as 4.5 percent, according to NextStudent, the Phoenix-based premier education funding company.

Student loan consolidation ( through NextStudent is easy. The application process is hassle-free, and students are able to apply directly online. The process is quick and entails a four-step, all-digital application with Electronic Signature. No credit check is required, and students do not need a co-signer. In addition, students who apply do not need to know the information about their current student loans.

Consolidation Makes Payments More Manageable

Through student loan consolidation, student borrowers’ student loans ( are combined into one, making payment easier to manage. Student borrowers are left with one monthly student loan bill. By lowering monthly student loan payments, borrowers are able to save and put extra cash away for other pertinent purchases in their lives. With federal student loan consolidation there is no prepayment penalty, no fees, and no charges.


In order to qualify for federal student loan consolidation ( students must meet certain requirements:

Students cannot be enrolled in school more than half time.

Students must be in repayment or in a loan grace period (usually six months after leaving school).

Students must not have previously consolidated their loans.

There are different repayment plans with federal student loan consolidation. Repayment may be as long as 30 years and depends on the balance of the borrower. A few of the options are graduated and income-sensitive repayment, and there also are deferment and forbearance benefits.

Great Benefits, Incentives

NextStudent’s Federal Student Loan Consolidation Program’s benefits and incentives include:

An additional savings of .60 percent for borrowers who immediately consolidate their loans after graduation or during other eligible grace periods

A savings of .25 percent when student borrowers repay through Auto-Debit

An added rate reduction of 1 percent that is locked for the life of the loan following the first 36 consecutive on-time payments, OR a 2 percent interest rate reduction following 48 consecutive months of on-time payments

Student loan borrowers receive a great deal when they consolidate their federal student loans through NextStudent. The company’s benefits and incentives are aggressive and cannot be beat. When student borrowers combine their outstanding student loans (, they make their lives more manageable. Instead of stressing over multiple high interest rate loans, students can rest easy knowing they only have one payment that also saves them money in the long term.

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding as easy as possible. Learn more about Student Loans at

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