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Books About Online Education

Get Your Degree Online (Paperback)

Get Your Degree Online

Product Description

Institutions from top universities to technical schools are taking advantage of the rich resources and opportunities of the worldwide web to offer online classes, courses, and even degree-granting programs. It has never been easier to complete your education witho (more…)



What is an E-degree: Making Sense of your Online Education Options (Kindle Edition)

What is an E-degree: Making Sense of your Online Education Options

Product Description

You will find helpful tips to finding the right schools and to finally getting the degree that you are interested in. You will also find the advantages as well as the disadvantages of online learning. We will take you through the process of getting enrolled and (more…)



Cyber Connections in Online College Courses (Paperback)

Cyber Connections in Online College Courses

Product Description

The role and face of the college student has drastically changed with many traditional college students (18-22 year olds) facing extraordinary costs of college tuition, having to work in addition to attending school, and the non-traditional adult learner returning (more…)



FREE COLLEGE (Kindle Edition)


Product Description

How to Save Literally Thousands of Dollars on Your College Education and Even How to Go to College for Free!You leap out of bed, put on your cap and gown and show up at the appointed place surrounded by an entourage of family and friends all with ear to ear smiles (more…)



Online Education: Is It for You? (Paperback)

Online Education: Is It for You? Product Description

The internet has always been referred to as the “information highway” and now many colleges and universities are accessing those roads to provide degrees, professional certificates and personal enrichment courses. Many people think about online education, but do n (more…)



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